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How to Rent Minibus in Delhi?

How to Rent Minibus in Delhi?

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  • Destinations : Are you looking for a minibus rental for outstation trips from Delhi?


How to Rent Minibus in Delhi?

Are you looking for a minibus rental for outstation trips from Delhi? Or, want a minibus for one-day trips in Delhi/NCR? Perhaps, you want family trips from Delhi to nearby places like Mathura, Jaipur, Agra, Meerut, etc.? A minibus is the best mode of transportation as it has luxury facilities and comfortable seating. A mini bus comes with so many seating capacities too. But is a mini bus affordable? What are the charges for hiring a minibus for the groups? If you also have many questions about hiring a mini bus, then go down and you will have all your doubts cleared.


What is a mini bus?

A minibus is called by several other names like mini-coach, microbus. A mini bus is a small bus that can carry many tourists at once. It has seating that is less than a full-size bus but has more seating capacity than a car or an SUV vehicle.


What is the general seating capacity in a mini bus?

In general, the passenger seating capacity in a typical minibus is 7 to 27 seats.


Who should consider hiring a mini bus?

You can hire minibus in Delhi for many occasions and events. If you are traveling in a large group, or with family and friends, then you can consider a mini bus on rent service in Delhi. People who are going to visit weekend getaways near Delhi can look for booking a minibus. A minibus is the first choice for outstation trips from Delhi. Tourists can travel to nearby places from Delhi like Agra, Jaipur, Sonipat, Neemrana, Mathura-Vrindavan, etc. However, you can also opt for a minibus on hire in Delhi for:

  • Events and exhibitions
  • Corporate meetings and conferences
  • School trips and picnics
  • Weddings, engagements, and birthday parties
  • Airport shuttle service
  • Pickup drop service in Delhi


What are all the facilities in a minibus?

Minibus comes in many models. Facilities vary from model to model. However, no matter which model you choose, some facilities are always there in the minibus. These are:

  • Air-condition (AC)
  • LED TV
  • Mobile charging points
  • Ice-box
  • Music player
  • Night lighting system
  • Pushback seating
  • Air suspension
  • Leg space
  • First aid box
  • Head-rest & Neck-rest
  • Clean seat covers
  • Storage compartment


What is the seating capacity of a minibus?

A minibus comes in many seating capacities. It depends on which company does the minibus belongs to. But in general, the seating capacity comes with spacious seating. 


Why hire a minibus in Delhi?

Delhi is a very big city, and you will have to travel large distances to reach your destination. There are so many sightseeing places in Delhi that are world-famous. Delhi is also a city with many street food shops and places. There are posh neighborhoods like Connaught Place and age-old places like Chandni Chowk. You will need a minibus for comfortable travel to these places. Also, you can hire a minibus for pick up and drop from New Delhi Railway Station or Indira Gandhi International Airport. Delhi is also the center where many events take place, and some of them are film festivals, award shows, literary events, marathon events, conventions, art festivals, sports meets, etc. People visiting these events need a comfortable traveling vehicle such as the minibus. 


What are the advantages of hiring a minibus in Delhi? 

Generally speaking, there are many benefits of hiring a minibus in Delhi. The most obvious ones are comfort and speed. The most obvious advantages of traveling by minibus in Delhi are:

  • Minibus is best for sightseeing in Delhi/NCR. Traveling by minibus is best as it keeps tourists in close contact and there is no need to book separate vehicles.
  • Minibus is best for groups of friends who are traveling together. A minibus offers privacy and comfort.
  • Booking a minibus is completely hassle-free. The whole process of hiring a minibus in Delhi involves just a phone call or writing an email.
  • Bus drivers are very punctual and friendly. They have good knowledge of the tourist routes and have long hours of driving experience with them.
  • The routes are planned. Provisions are made for rest-stops at regular intervals. You can customize your bus trip.
  • Minibuses are very clean from the inside and there is ample leg space between seats. There is also a luggage compartment and other facilities.
  • Minibus comes in many seating types. You can always choose the minibus that is most suitable for you.


What are some things that you should consider before hiring a minibus in Delhi?

Traveling by minibus is the most comfortable mode of travel in a city like Delhi. However, due to the COVID-19 situation in Delhi, there is a need to adhere to some COVID-19 protocols. Some guidelines that you should consider before booking a minibus in Delhi are:

  • Make sure all passengers traveling in a minibus are wearing masks.
  • Some tourist attractions in Delhi may be closed for repair or are not open on that particular day. Make a note of that.
  • Always carry RT-PCR test reports with you. You may not need them if you are traveling within Delhi, but if you are traveling to other states then you may need them handy.
  • Check about the occupancy and seating of the minibus in which you are traveling. Always book a minibus after you confirm the seating capacity of that minibus.1
  • Always book a minibus in advance, especially if you traveling in a big city like Delhi. Many people book a minibus in Delhi, and it may happen that the minibus is not available if there is an overbooking problem. 


What are the charges for hiring a minibus?

The charge of renting a minibus in Delhi depends on many factors such as type of minibus, local Delhi visit or outstation trip, etc. Generally, the below points will make it clear about what are the charges for hiring a minibus in Delhi.

  • If you are visiting local sightseeing spots in Delhi, and want a minibus for local Delhi tours, then the charges will be 7000/- for 18 seater minibus.
  • The charge of hiring a minibus for Delhi airport transfer or pick up and drop service from the railway station is different. They are 5500/- (Dom. Airport), 6000/- (Int. airport), 6300/- (Old Delhi Rly stn), 5500/- (New Delhi rly stn).
  • Traveling outstation by an 18+2 Seater minibus also charges 32/- per km + 700/- are driver charges.

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