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Best scenic bus journeys in India

Best scenic bus journeys in India

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Best scenic bus journeys in India

Nothing beats the thrill of a bus ride, and it is most enjoyable when you are out on a holiday among the scenic destinations of India. You get to travel with friends, make new acquaintances, and chat while enjoying the scenic beauty that whizzes past your window. India is blessed with so much natural scenery that it is best to visit these aboard a bus. So here are some of the finest scenic bus journeys you ought to take in India.

Mumbai to Goa Bus

You get to see some of the best natural landscapes of Maharashtra on Mumbai to Goa route, one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. A bus trip from Mumbai to Goa takes you through historic cities like Pune and Kolhapur. En route, you can enjoy the scenic beaches of Ratnagiri and pass through green farmlands, forests, waterfalls, and the Western Ghats. You will forget about your travel fatigue on this wonderfully scenic bus journey from Mumbai to Goa. Mumbai to Goa is quicker by night, but you will miss all the fun. Travel by a Volvo by day, and you can savor every minute of it. Travel time can be approx 14 hours.

Delhi to Manali Bus

Traveling by bus is the best way to see the ever-changing landscapes of North India. You get to see iconic cities like Chandigarh and Patiala and also get to visit the dhabas that come on this route. There is no end to the natural scenery that you can enjoy from your bus seat. Your eyes can savor on the green farms of Haryana and Punjab, pass by gurgling rivers, and visit famous gurudwaras. And when the Himalayan ranges start to show up, this Delhi to Manali bus journey becomes the most scenic bus journeys in India. As the bus starts to climb the winding mountainous routes you realize why Delhi to Manali is one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. You can choose from 3-4 routes, but each of these is equally scenic. Delhi to Manali can take approx. 12 to 15 hours.

Kolkata to Darjeeling Bus

Breath-taking natural beauty abounds on this Kolkata to Darjeeling route, and it is also one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. You see landscapes constantly changing before your very eyes, and see myriad forms of natural scenery pass through your bus window. There are rivers, which seem to change their colors and farmlands whose emerald-green soothes the eye. And then there are the yellow-browns of the woods that mingle with the snowy white of the mountains. You can stop to admire the culture of the nomadic villages, or refresh at a roadside restaurant. Don’t forget to visit a tea garden and sip on a hot cup of freshly brewed tea, though. This scenic bus journey can last 13-15 hours.

Manali to Leh Bus

A bus journey from Manali to Leh offers some of the most amazing Himalayan landscapes ever. It also makes Manali to Leh, one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. If you don’t halt at any point on this Manali-Leh route, you can reach Leh within 15 hours. But there is so much to see on this Manali to Leh bus trip that you will be forced to take halts on this Manali to Leh route. You will pass by apple orchards and gurgling rivers. Capture some scenic photos of the snow-capped Himalayas and see the tranquil valleys full of alpine forests. Perhaps you can also stop by some nomadic hamlets and interact with some locals. Bollywood loves this Manali to Leh route too. This Manali-Leh bus route promises to reveal the grandeur of the Himalayan beauty in every possible way. You must take this Manali – Leh bus journey at least once in your lifetime.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer Bus

There is a special reason why Jaipur to Jaisalmer is one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. And that special attraction is the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Don’t blink your eyes on this bus journey as you may just see a grazing antelope far away in the scrub desert, or a lake full of migratory birds. You can always see a camel here and there, but that is the beauty of this bus trip. Jaipur to Jaisalmer takes you to some of the most remote locations in India. You will see shepherds, tiny hamlets, dunes, Havelis, stepwells, royal palaces and so much more on this scenic bus journey that connects two of Rajasthan’s most iconic cities. Jaipur to Jaisalmer is a 12 hour non-stop trip, but do make halts along the way, as the desert air can feel a bit hot for first-timers.

Bengaluru to Ooty Bus

Just a mention of Ooty conjures up images of lush green mountains, eucalyptus trees, and Nilgiri forests that teem with exuberant wildlife. These are just some of the things that make Bengaluru to Ooty, one of the best scenic bus journeys in India. You can just travel through the best landscapes of South India. You can touch a cloud, or feel your stomach churn on the curvy roads. Stop by to admire the silent valleys, or make a halt at a coffee plantation. Bengaluru to Ooty route goes through national parks, historic cities, archaeological monuments, grand temples, and scenic waterfalls. Words fail to describe what this bus journey is all about. Perhaps the only way you can experience the magic of southern India is to go on this Bengaluru-Ooty bus journey. Bengaluru to Ooty is just short of a 10-hour journey, so make the most of it.

Delhi to Udaipur Bus

Delhi to Udaipur is just under 15 hours by bus, and you will have to make a night stop at someplace on route to make it less tiring. It will just give you a chance to do sightseeing in many places along this route. But few trips are as scenic as Delhi to Udaipur bus trip. The route is marked by historic cities and national parks, heritage monuments, and divine temples. You travel through the best parts of Rajasthan and visit famous cities like Jaipur, Alwar, Ajmer along the way. Stay at a palatial hotel and savor street food delicacies of North India and Rajasthan. You can cross the historic land of the Rajput kings in this Delhi to Udaipur bus trip. Ditch that train and travel instead in a bus to see this beautiful northern land of India. It is what makes this Delhi to Udaipur bus trip one of the best scenic bus journeys in India.

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